Porto, Portugal

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This large plot, which situated on the southern side of the river Douro in Porto, is undergoing a dramatic transformation. An ongoing housing project is creating a gated community, including 126 villas and some public buildings. However, it is erasing all historical context of what was there before.











ARCHICAD drawings

Photoshop Collages

Building models: Painted cardboard

Site model: White plaster with plexiglas buildings sprayed in white




Porto, Portugal

Chair: Prof. Dr. Marc Angélil

Atelier agps

Gated Community

Shared Community

City in a City

Oswald Mathias Ungers


1892 until Today



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Site Plan

If (as the philosophers maintain) the city is like some large house, and the house is in turn like some small city, cannot the various parts of the house - atria, xysti, dining rooms, porticoes, and so on - be considered miniature buildings?

Leon Battista Alberti

Living Room

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It is not a physical building but more a space in between that connects all the other parts of the house.

The whole site itself is a park for the public and at the same time the living room of the house.

The core of it lies in the middle of the park.


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Study Room

Emergency Kit

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Medication is shared and a space for consulting advice is provided.

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