“A line is meant to be formed and bent into its most harmonious shape, thus releasing an utter sense of satisfaction.

That is what architecture does. ” 



A Room for Archaeologists and Kids

A Room for Archaeologists and Kids Pachacamac, Peru 2018


Antiproject Porto, Portugal 2018

Social Housing - The Line

Social Housing - The Line Lange Erlen, Basel 2017

Natural Reserve Lange Erlen

Basel, Switzerland 2016

The Point and the Line

The Point and the Line Campus ETH Hönggerberg, Switzerland 2016

Horseshoe Estate

Horseshoe Estate Berlin, Germany 2016

Spaces of Infinity

Spaces of Infinity Zurich, Switzerland 2015

Sport-Sentō Machiya

Sport-Sentō Machiya Kanazawa, Japan 2017

Water Tower

Water Tower Basel, Switzerland 2016

. . .

More exciting projects coming soon!